How much do braces cost?

Everyone wants to know “how much do braces cost?”  There is no direct answer to this question, but we’ll talk about insurance, payment plans and overall cost. Below we have a link to the Invisalign site, we’ll give you the numbers to plug in to calculate treatment cost.

The cost of orthodontic treatment is related to the complexity of the treatment. In simplest terms the more difficult the treatment, the longer it will take.   An internet search of “cost of orthodontic treatment” or “how much do braces cost” will yield a bunch of sites which will tell you that the cost of orthodontic treatment  averages $3000-6,000 dollars. That’s probably pretty accurate for most people.  Your personal situation may be outside of normal

What you really want to know is how much does MY orthodontic treatment cost. You won’t able to know this without visiting an orthodontist. There are just too many variables.

Let’s take a round number fee to determine how much you’ll have to pay. Invisalign has a great tool on their website to calculate this for you.  Here’s how fill it out:

  • Number of months– for Phase I treatment use 12 months for comprehensive treatment use 18 or 24 months.
  • Treatment Cost– Phase 1 use 3000 for Phase 2 use 3500, adult comprehensive use 5000.
  • Insurance– $1000 to $1500 is typical (this is generally a lifetime max.)
  • Flexible Spending Account– If you can use a FSA or HSA we can help you use this valuable asset to your best advantage
  • Down Payment– Assume 25% of your portion of the fee(not the total).  Our office will work with you to find a down payment which will work for you.*

Invisalign(or Braces) Cost Calculator

*If you are using an HSA or FSA timing can be is important. These plans are typically “use it or lose it”.  Unlike insurance which must be submitted contemporaneously with  the start of treatment, we may be able to use funds you would otherwise lose or begin treatment before the account is funded.  Basically it’s you money, you can use it when you want.